ethical dilemma

Someone you know works at a store that sells iPods. He steals some and asks if you want to buy one for half the price the store sells it for? Should you buy it? Why or why not?

If you have no idea that the Ipods are stolen then there is nothing wrong with buying them. Don't ask don't tell. If you do know they are stolen then it would be bad if you did buy one. Also if the police get involved it would be bad if you knew, but if you had no clue that they were stolen then it is not wrong to buy one. If a random person tried to sell me ipods & I knew they were stolen, I would not buy any and call the cops. If a friend tried to sell me stolen I pods I would not buy one, but I would not call the cops.

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This is bad because if the person looks shady and selling things while trying to stay hidden and for a really low price.

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This is good because you are buying from the store.